In just 11 days and less than 15 minutes a day, you can incorporate the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation into your busy life and establish a sustainable at-home practice!

Step 1: Kickstart your practice! When you sign up, you immediately receive "The 15-minute Body / Mind Reset":

  • Simple yoga sequences to gently build strength and flexibility and release tension in the Lower Back, Hips and Legs, and Neck and Shoulders.
  • You get 3 printable PDFs of yoga poses for easy reference and 6 Yoga Videos to follow at your own pace.
  • You also get 2 Guided Meditations: A 5-minute Mid-Day Meditation for when you're feeling overwhelmed, and a relaxing nighttime Sleep Meditation.

Step 2: Follow ”The 10-Day Yoga and Meditation Challenge". This video series supports you as you establish a sustainable routine that feels great and fits easily into your busy schedule:

  • Every day, for ten days, you receive a short video in your inbox, alternating Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation.
  • Enjoy expert detailed instructions of simple yoga stretches to relieve aches and pains: when you feel great, you get more done every day in ease and comfort.
  • Listen to calming guided meditations so you can let go of swirling thoughts, anxiety and overwhelm. With a peaceful focused mind, you're happier and more patient, you enjoy your days and sleep better at night.

And: you retain lifetime access to all videos so you can repeat them as often as you like!