When you're in synch with your own Spirit, you can experience at all times a sense of peace and calm and you can tune into profound guidance. How to do this? By establishing a personalized spiritual practice.

That's where Your Spiritual Tool Kit comes in, with 3 simple ways to engage with your spiritual dimension:

  1. "The Crystal Cheat Sheet" is a printable sheet with photos of 10 crystals, their purposes and functions, and tips on how to work with them.
  2. "Answers from your Chakras" is a guided meditation to help you tune into each of your 7 Chakras and an accompanying worksheet to delve even deeper: ask a question you've been struggling with and experience valuable insight and guidance from each chakra.
  3. "Guided Meditations & Vision Journaling" (Yoga Nidra) is a set of 4 peaceful nature meditations designed to encourage visualizations. They each come with printable worksheets to record your visions and bring forth all the spiritual guidance they offer.

Best of all: you retain lifelong access to all the recordings and worksheets, so you can repeat these spiritual practices as often as you like!